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Australian Style Academic writing – Top Tips

Posted on September 4, 2018 in Education

Australian academic writing has its own unique style. There is a particular structure that is expected by Australian academic institutes that differs slightly from the American and British styles. Newbies seeking to plunge into academic writing can always take advantage of a good essay writing service in Australia and ensure their write-ups measure up to the industry styles and standards.

It is a good idea to start writing an easy style to jot down your thoughts. However, before you submit your assignment or article, you have to redo your work in an academic style.

Here are some tips to help you with your writing

First draft: Your first draft is likely to be rough yet it is an important first step to any academic writing. With this, you can formulate your idea and understand what changes need to be made. This is also helpful to learn the additional research you will require.

Plan your work: You might have an idea of what you want in your document but that won’t come through without planning. Make sure you plan what you want in each section of an essay before you begin writing. That way you can be sure you’ve covered all your topics and nothing is repeated.

Stick to the topic: It is tempting to include a lot more in every section. There could be several links to your primary topic that interest you, but this could come across as confused. Unless your writing is meant to be very general, it is a good idea to limit your scope. That way you can explore your topic to a greater depth.

Research: With academic writing, research is essential. If you are not able to visit a physical library you can search on the Internet. Adding pdf to your search will usually show you academic articles.

Referencing: Academic writing requires references, do make sure you have the required information from your sources. There are many styles, quite often the Harvard style is used. You should know the style of referencing required for your essay and plan accordingly.

Follow the plan: As you created this plan with something specific in mind, it is a good idea to follow through. If you find that it doesn’t work, you can revise it.
Essay structure: Your essay must have a structure that includes an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Introduction: The introduction should have an explanation of the topic and terms and a brief about your paper.

Body: In the body you put forward your argument with collaborative proof and examples. If you are writing a longer piece like a dissertation, you will also need a literature review.

Conclusion: The conclusion should reference the topic or question of the essay. You should clearly state your argument.

Edit: Read through your work at least once before you submit your essay. It is likely that you have written either subject wise or chapter wise, reading through helps you to see the piece as a whole. Though separate topics or chapters contain different information cohesion is important. You might need to edit what is unnecessary or add information that will create a better picture.

Academic writing can be challenging, especially if you are new to it. The main point to remember is to stick to the topic and avoid adding words just to increase your word count. Research is essential as it will help you learn more about the topic. It is important to remember to reference all your work to avoid plagiarism.

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